The Frog Song Demo

by Semen & Garfuckel



Recorded at home


released July 8, 2017

Kate Russell: Vocals & Guitar
Zane Harlem: guitar & Vocals

Recorded and mixed by Joel Cabban



all rights reserved


Home Brew Records Canberra, Australia

Canberra based DIY Punk / Alternative Label.

Doin' it for the cause!

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Track Name: Frog Song
I don't wanna cut up the little frog
He grew his own legs and dropped his fucking tail
I can't even stick to a wall
What gives me the right to pull his guts out?

I won't cut up the little rat
She might have a plague that would finally rid the world
Of the bigots and ignorants
What gives them the right to breathe our oxygen?

Your brain's capacity to function
Makes you a functional fuckwit

You're a blue ringed octopus
Your mouth is your anus and your anus is your mouth
But unlike a cephalopod, if I put you in a box, you won't make your way out
You talk shit, it makes me sick, to shut you up is my greatest wish,
and if you got stung by a jellyfish
I'd take a piss on you and keep the vinegar for my chips
And I can only hope that you get stung on your lips
You fucking functional fuckwit

I wrote a song about frogs, because like frogs if you touch me the oils in your hands will make me sick and die x2

For such intelligent life we're all so full of shit
and there's not that much that we can do about it
Though a lobotomy would probably help I will admit
Cos like I read your thesis, there's more substance in my spit

You fucking functional fuckwit.
Track Name: Picket Fence
Picket fence, picket fence
I don't need your white picket fence
I'm not your wife or mother
So don't put me on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens
and don't even get me started
I'm okay with who I am
Independent of the rituals, that you think make a life
But I am not your fucking wife

No, she's not your fucking wife
No, I'm not your fucking wife and that's alright

I've got a sense, in my defence, I'm aware of your arrogance
Intents are too intense and then you present with such insolence
It doesn't make it better when you put it on my gender
I'm okay with who I am
I'm not bound by something binary
I know it makes you sad
But I am not your fucking Dad

No, I'm not your fucking Dad
No, I'm not your fucking Dad and that's too bad

And when, it comes to an end
I want to go to shows, to drink and smoke and spend time with my friends
I don't want to fight
About what term is right
And maybe grey is just as fashion forward as black and white?

And I thought that was obvious - FUCK

Picket fence, picket fence, I'm burning down your picket fence
I'm rubber and you're glue, your hate bounced off me and is stuck to you
I'm not your little girl
I'm okay with who I am
I'm not your mother or your father, I'm not your sister or your brother, I'm not your girlfriend or your boyfriend or your goldfish or your DOG.